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  • Marble Urns

    Marble Urns - Marble cremation urns are among the most beautiful to be found. Marble is formed from limestone through the process of metamorphosis. Polished marble is frequently used in buildings, sculptures, decorative art, as well as stone urns. The characteristic swirls and veins of many colored marble varieties are usually due to mineral impurites such as clay, silt, sand and iron oxides which were originally presented as grains or layers in the limestone. Cremation urns may be turned from a solid block of marble or fabricated from pieces of marble.

  • Onyx Urns

    Onyx Urns - Onyx is a gemstone found in various regions of the world, particulary Brazil, Pakistan, Uruguay. It's distinguished by its alternating light and dark bands, which may range from white to almost every color like purple, blue or black. Traditionally, onyx is said to banish grief, which may be significant in its use in creating stone cremation urns.

Stone is one of the oldest and most traditional materials used to make cremation urns. Countless stone urns dating back thousands of years to various ancient civilizations are displayed in museums throughout the world as a testament to stone's durability and timeless beauty. Our hand-made and hand-polished stone cremation urns make for both a dignified final resting place for a loved one as well as a lovely and enduring memorial in the home. Our stone urns can be made of either marble or onyx, two of the most beautiful stones in the world, and the uniqueness of the patterns found on these natural stones emphasises the uniqueness of the deceased's personality. We hope the variety of designs we offer will allow everyone to find an urn that will be beautiful and elegant enough to honour the memory of the person whose remains it holds.